Here we are, finally we can reveal the secret: 2016 will see the release of TSUKI, the second chapter of the collaboration with our beloved Gigi Masin! It’s hard to tell how excited we are. The new work will be released through Hell Yeah recordings on partnership with Cascine, for North American and Canadian market. This is the exclusive video premiere of the first single Tuvalu for Dummy mag. As always, the man behind the camera is Sorry Boy!





Our first time on Aficionado Recordings!


Hell Yeah is proud to announce the release of Hoshi, another exciting full-length album project that again involves the talented Tempelhof, this time in association with legendary Italian composer, director and musician Gigi Masin. Fellow Italians Luciano Ermondi and Paolo Mazzacani are known for their hugely musical electronica and late last year released Frozen Dancers, their most recent album on Hell Yeah. It was a master class in spacious and emotive sound that was a joy to get lost in. For this next album, the pair team up with legendary producer Gigi Masin, who played a key role in his country’s music scene from the 1970s onwards on radio, on television and in theatre with his directorial work. Always a fine source of inspiration for newer generations, the likes of Bjork and To Rococo Rot have been known to sample Masin’s sumptuous sounds before now. Together, then, Masin and Tempelhof make perfect sense as a musical partnership as this album proves across the course of its 10 elegant tracks.
The album is an exploration of peaceful ambient, of organic musical textures and brain soothing soundscapes that are as classically informed as they are contemporarily creative. Some pieces are floating and beat-less and suspend you right at their centre, whilst others are driven by light dustings of percussion from far off in the distance.
Words like water, heaven and peaceful spring to mind when listening to this album – its truly evocative and spacious, elegant and vast in its design. Like the synth delights of Vangelis, this album spreads out in all directions – sometimes synths are joined by sombre twinkling pianos, at other times more real life found sounds or occasionally the sound of distant, drifting voices. Despite the serenity of this album, it’s also a piece or work that really takes you somewhere: as such it’s too moving and emotive to be truly ambient as it retains your attention from start to finish. Come the end you feel like you’ve been meditating in your own world, free from the distractions of life… it’s that peerless craftsmanship from Tempelhof and Gigi Masin that make this album such a breath taking triumph.

Andrea Amaducci, as always, at the artwork controls.

HOSHI – The official teaser by Sorry Boy


Hi everybody

Here you are the official teaser of HOSHI, the new album that see the collaboration between us and the ambient Italian godfather Gigi Masin. As always, behind the camera there’s the mysterious Sorry Boy, who made a great job in summarize in a bit more than one minute the albums atmosphere. HOSHI will be out soon via HELL YEAH recordings and is currently available on vinyl pre-order here:


Hoshi: a new album is ready!

We have a new album ready!
HOSHI is the result of a few joyful six hands sessions with our friend and ambient maestro Gigi Masin.
It will be ready for the summer via HELL YEAH recordings

The Defrost ep is out now!

Here you are a new two-track effort featuring Willie Burns and Young Marco. The original material is taken from super hot Italian electronic duo Tempelhof and their stunning latest album, Frozen Dancers, which released on Hell Yeah back in late 2013 and garnered plenty of praise from press and punters alike. First up is Amsterdam’s Young Marco, who has made a name for himself with his subtly layered, slowly unfolding tracks on labels like Rush Hour and ESP Institute (where he will be releasing a full length soon and maintains an essential role in the label). True to form this sensationally emotive remix of Drake is a lush, melodically rich affair right from the off. Gurgling bass synths bubble underneath as spritely house percussions skips up top. Celestial pads add a heavenly back glow and the whole thing is perfectly epic. Next up is Willie Burns, aka William Burnett, the New York based W.T Records label boss and someone who has already released on Unknown to the Unknown, LIES and The Trilogy Tapes in 2014 alone. He tackles Nothing On The Horizon and turns it into a prickly, lo-fi house jam with plenty of echo, urgent vocal cries and a muggy sense of humid atmosphere. It builds to an ever more intense peak and really begins to bang in the second half. Both tracks here have been perfectly repurposed for knowing dancefloors and prove Hell Yeah Recordings know exactly where to go for the best results.
Once again art by His Abusive Kindness aka Andrea Amaducci.

Interview + influences mixtape on Ransom Note, get deep!


We had this great 360° interview with the always excellent Ransom Note. You can also listen to the influences mixtape we did for them. Check it out here

Frozen Dancers review on Dj Mag UK – January 2014

Live from underground!

Hi to everyone! Here you are a 40 mins long live set @ the Dead Keyboard Studio, best known as “The Bunker”, the place in which everything has began…

Frozen Dancers: Love from abroad!

Hey… here you are a collection of articles and reviews published on some great international web sites and magazines!


Comos las Grecas – Spain

“Nine tracks and almost 50 minutes of music made with feeling, with personality, an excellent album.”

Backseat mafia – Sheffield – UK

“The albums best moments come, alongside opener Drake, with the gradually unfurling washes of electronica on She Can’t Forgive, and the chiming techno of Nothing on the Horizon, both of which employ these little fragments of melody and vocal samples but build them into something beautiful and memorable.”

Robotic Peacock – USA

“With a charismatic mixture of lush soundscapes like album opener “Drake” and “Nothing At The Horizon,” melody-driven vocal cuts like “Change,” and “Monday Is Black,” and slow-burning minimal masterpieces “The Dusk” and “Skateboarding At Night,” Frozen Dancers makes for a true listening experience.”

Cosmic Disco – UK

“You wont hear a familiar pattern of recognizable samples anywhere throughout this album, it is a truly unique and beguiling mélange of many different sound sources, genre influences and human emotions, and one that confirms Tempelhof to be one of the finest duo’s in their realm.”

Liability – France

“En somme, Frozen Dancers est un beau disque d’électronica”

Rocktea – New York – USA

“this album is another gem to add to our favorite “coup de coeur” of the year.”