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Analysis of Common Problems in Bag – making Machine

Q:Bag – making Machine When the middle of the roller when the bag wrinkle?
2. The middle roller pressure is uneven
3. Air pressure is too large;
4. The middle of the roller too much dust;
5. The back sealing temperature is too high;
6. Second-hand bag machine feeding the floating roller pressure is too large
7. membrane board installed tilt; Second,
Q: the front cutter roller, the film in one direction to go?
A: 1. Cots uneven pressure, the film forward to the direction of pressure to go;
2. Photoelectric frame tilt, to maintain the level before the roller; Membrane to go inside)
3. Punching knife is not installed, easy to tilt
4. The thickness of the membrane on both sides of the uneven;
5. Horizontal sealing knife pressure is uneven, there is a big way to go;
6. Diaphragm on the ramp; 7. The middle roller is not parallel;
7. The center roller is not parallel

Third, Q: a small membrane at the membrane board?
A: 1. White roller installation can not exceed the template, preferably narrow 8mm;

2. The pressure on the hammer is small
3. On the membrane hammer with outward tilt pressure;
4. Skew on the membrane;
5. Cots pressure can not be too large;
6. put too much tension is not easy to film;
7. Tension of the film is not good;
Q: The bag is long and short?
A: 1. More dust on the photoelectric head
2. Photoelectric sensitivity is not enough;
3. Tracking power is not obvious;
4. Sealing knife pressure is too large;
5. There is dirt on the stick;
6.Second-hand drawing machine floating roller feeding pressure is too large;
7. Tension is too large;
8. vertical seal knife hot cloth volume too tight;
9. Horizontal seal knife temperature too high bag wrinkle;
10, the former, the pressure in the small roller;
11. Feeding and pressing are not synchronized;
12. Photoelectric and cutter distance is too long
13. Waiting time and heat sealing time difference is too large;

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