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Double Layer Film Blowing Machine


Double Layer Film Blowing Machine Application: T-shirt bags, garbage bags, agriculture film, water sachet etc.

1.Double Layer Film Blowing Macheine Basic Requirement

Items Parameter
Screw diameter Ф55mm
Material HDPE,LDPE
The width of the traction roller 650mm
The max width of the film 600mm



Double Layer Film Blowing Equipment Operation Details Show


2.Double Layer Film Blowing Macheine Features

Blown variety of low-density polyethylene, high density polyethylene and linear low density polyethylene plastic film, widely used in grocery, household, chemical, Textile products, shopping gift bags and industrial packaging.

Barrel, Screw with 38CrMoAl alloy material after nitrogen treatment precision machining, with the best wear resistance and corrosion resistance.


3.Double Layer Film Blowing Macheine Parameters

Items Parameter
Screw diameter Ф55mm
Material of film HDPE and LDPE
Film-blowing thickness HDPE 0.005-0.05mm,LDPE 0.015-0.20mm
Length of the traction rollers 650mm*2
Max width of film 600mm*2
Output of the machine 15-70 (kg/h)
Max line speed of the film 80 (m/min)
Total power of the machine 50kw
Power of the main motor 22kw AC motor
Screw length proportion 28:1
Screw structure Mix pattern)
The max speed of screw 90 (r/min)
Charge-in material 12straight flutes, compel charge-in
Temperature control zones 5 zones
Temperature control precision ±2℃
Heater of barrel,include die head cast aluminium heating circle,Circuit breaker
Total heating power 22kw
Air blower power 2.2kw AC motor*2
Air blowing controller 3.7kw inverter controller
Height of traction brandreth 4.2m
Max width of film roller Ф650
Armature solid state relay for heating, Circuit breaker, Schneider contactor and electric circuit map.


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