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Double-line Automatic Closure Bag Making Machine

First, the heat sealing strength difference:

A, the impact of heat sealing materials

1, the different types of sealing materials, heat sealing strength is also different.

2, the density of different materials, different methods of product sealing heat sealing strength is inconsistent, material thickness and uniformity also affect the heat
Sealing strength.
3, different sealing materials processing methods, such as blown film, cast film, etc., all affect the heat sealing strength.

4, the heat sealing material additives, additives, low melting point, precipitation, heat sealing strength decreased.

5, the material preservation time is too long, the precipitation of additives, or corona treatment heat sealing strength decreased.

B, the impact of printing composite processing
1, printing ink temperature is poor, high temperature in the bag, the printing layer delamination phenomenon.

2, inappropriate additives inks caused by the composite layer at high temperature separation, heat sealing strength decreased.

3, dry compound in the adhesive is not cured completely, or the improper ratio of adhesive, composite film sticky, resulting in decreased sealing strength.

4, in the composite process, the processing temperature is too high, the degree of oxidation of the surface material, the formation of the base increased, decreased heat sealing.

C, bagging process
1, heat sealing pressure is insufficient, so that the hot cover is difficult to really fused together, and difficult to discharge the sandwich in the air.

2, the sealing temperature inappropriate, heat sealing temperature should be based on material, processing speed, material thickness, surface layer material to set the level of temperature.

3, the heat sealing time is not enough, the same heat sealing temperature and pressure, the heat sealing time is long, the sealing layer fusion more fully, combined with a more solid, but the sealing time is too long, easy film shrinkage.
4, inadequate cooling, heat sealing edge cooling is not enough, lack of stereotypes, can not eliminate internal stress, heat sealing strength and appearance, should strengthen the cooling water circulation system.

5, the more the number of hot pressing, the higher the heat sealing strength, the number of longitudinal heat sealing depends on the effective length of the hot knife and bag length ratio should not be less than twice. Seal the number of heat sealing machine seal by the end of the number of groups determined.

Second, the heat sealing a piebald, bubbles:
1, the material factor: hygroscopic material, in the preservation of water, the bag when the bubble, the spot.

2, composite adhesive has not yet fully cured, heat sealing temperature is not enough, peel strength, easy to delamination to produce gas spots.

3, wide heat sealing knife bag, easy to produce gas spot, should adjust the pressure, adjust the gap, will be squeezed out of gas.
4, when the film drag fluctuations, into the air, into the air before the net should be to make it dry, should be inserted into the heat before the knife clamping the appropriate clamping.

5, bag control properly, such as the use of silica gel plate deformation for a long time, high temperature cloth damaged, sealed with garbage on the knife.

6, hot knife surface is not smooth, hot pressing by uneven pressure or the side of the first force by the other side after the pressure.

7, the composite solvent is not completely volatile in the composite, or solvent in water exceeded. In the high-temperature hot pressure generated by evaporation bubbles.
Third, the sealing film wrinkles:

1, the process of bagging heat sealing knife temperature is too high, causing uneven contraction of the material. Or make a physical change in the material, cooling can not be reduced caused by sealing wrinkling.

2, the heat sealing time is too long, the material heated for a long time, not timely cooling or cooling is not enough to produce edge wrinkling.

3, the material sticky knife, in the second pressure when the membrane edge wrinkle forming, creating edge edge wrinkle.
4, the gap is too large, the material compression ripening time is too long, subject to certain tension produced contraction.

Fourth, the cutter line and the bottom edge is not smooth:

1, the lower blade of the cutter is too low, the upper blade cut down the material will be cut and edge of the missing edge.

2, the cutter comb below the guide row comb deformation, and the lower blade is not parallel, or local deformation than the knife-edge high.

3, Cutter base is not installed flush, or not adjusted flush.
4, traction cots at both ends of the pressure is inconsistent, the material and the machine is not parallel to the deviation.
1, the thickness of the material is not uniform, there is relaxation, while the loose side of the tight.

2, the floating buffer buffer at the material is too small tension, or tension fluctuations, the higher the higher the higher tension, the lower the lower the tension, such as by the pneumatic tension should be installed fast exhaust valve to ensure stable air pressure And the tension is also stabilized.

3, the operation of some roller rotation is not flexible, unbalanced. Or guide roller end bearing damage running ineffective.

4, the feed rack guide roller is not horizontal, or not vertical, and the machine is not parallel. The whole frame is not parallel to the machine.

5, hot knife base and the machine is not flush, or hot knife is not installed flush.

Fifth,the upper and lower films on the missing:
6, composite mandarin duck membrane thickness of each piece of material is inconsistent, resulting in a piece of material cut open after the more loose, the other one more and more tight, two pieces of material can not be aligned.

7, after the discharge is not stable, put the material tension is too small or fast when the feed speed slow.

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