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Film Blowing Machine Help the Environment

In our daily life, plastic garbage is everywhere and they are very hard to degrade which caused White Pollution. White Pollution is a kind of image appellation on the phenomenon of environmental Pollution by waste plastics.

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It Refers that polystyrene, polypropylene, PVC made of polymer compounds such as bags, agricultural film, disposable tableware, plastic bottles and other plastic products was lefted and become a solid waste after use. Due to free throw litter and difficult to degrade, it has caused the pollution to the ecological environment and landscape.To solove the white pollution, our Film Blowing Machine can do the favour.By recycling the plastic garbage, we can create bags which can be recycled.

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Double Color Film Blowing Machine is used for blowing various low density polyethylene(LDPE) and high density polyethylene(HDPE) color striped plastic film.Which are widely used for packing food, fruit, garments, texitle, daily necessities and other civil and industrial products.

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The cylinder and the screw stem of model  extruder are made of high quality alloy steel with optimum hardness and strong corrosion after precision finishing and nitrogen treatment.600 auxiliary machine can be freely adjusted within the limits of 600mm according to the technological requirements of different materials, and has been fitted with a plug-in plate mechinaism for making vest bags.The coiling unit adopts torque motor to keep proper tension and make rolling even and roll changing easy.

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