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Film Blowing Machine Manufacturing Industry Accounted for The Proportion of Continuous Improvement

China film blowing machine manufacturing into three categories: one is the textile industry, including food, beverages, tobacco processing, clothing, textiles, leather, wood processing, furniture, printing, etc., accounting for Chinese manufacturing sector for the blowing machine 30.2%. One for the resource processing industries, including petrochemical, chemical fiber, medicine, film blowing machine manufacturing, rubber, plastics, ferrous metals, accounting for 33%. Another type of machinery, electronics manufacturing film blowing machine, including machine tools, special equipment, transport vehicles, machinery and equipment, electronic communications equipment, instruments, etc., accounting for 35.5%.

Film Blowing Machine

Data show that China has rapidly developed into a film blowing machine big manufacturing country, after Germany, ranking fourth in the world. Blowing machine manufacturing in China with more than GDP growth rate, an important part of China's largest industrial sector and the national economy, and paid taxes, employed population accounted for 90% of all industrial exports accounted for 91.2% of the country's exports, It is an important force in exports.
The previous production management personnel in the inspection schedule machinery Packaging, a station you want to shop go to a station, and can only see the main parts, small parts completion may simply not understand, and even workshop group leaders also I do not know where to small parts. Or production meetings, bringing together all the various group leaders, have time to take a long report on the progress of Packaging Machinery. China is the country with the blowing machine big manufacturing country, but the German film blowing machine manufacturing, while high levels are facing the problem of high manufacturing costs, the urgent need for industrial transfer. GE Plastics purchase train but it is undeniable that China blowing machine manufacturing and foreign advanced level lags far behind. Film blowing machine manufacturing labor productivity per person / year of 38,000 yuan, the United States and Japan 4%, Germany 5.5%, per capita labor productivity is low, mainly engaged in low-end industries. China's exports of electromechanical products, mainly labor-intensive, low-tech products.


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