Frozen Dancers: Love from abroad!

by admin

Hey… here you are a collection of articles and reviews published on some great international web sites and magazines!


Comos las Grecas – Spain

“Nine tracks and almost 50 minutes of music made with feeling, with personality, an excellent album.”

Backseat mafia – Sheffield – UK

“The albums best moments come, alongside opener Drake, with the gradually unfurling washes of electronica on She Can’t Forgive, and the chiming techno of Nothing on the Horizon, both of which employ these little fragments of melody and vocal samples but build them into something beautiful and memorable.”

Robotic Peacock – USA

“With a charismatic mixture of lush soundscapes like album opener “Drake” and “Nothing At The Horizon,” melody-driven vocal cuts like “Change,” and “Monday Is Black,” and slow-burning minimal masterpieces “The Dusk” and “Skateboarding At Night,” Frozen Dancers makes for a true listening experience.”

Cosmic Disco – UK

“You wont hear a familiar pattern of recognizable samples anywhere throughout this album, it is a truly unique and beguiling mélange of many different sound sources, genre influences and human emotions, and one that confirms Tempelhof to be one of the finest duo’s in their realm.”

Liability – France

“En somme, Frozen Dancers est un beau disque d’électronica”

Rocktea – New York – USA

“this album is another gem to add to our favorite “coup de coeur” of the year.”