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How to Operate The Film Blowing Machine Correctly?

Film Blowing Machine is to melt the plastic particles and then blown into a film.
Should pay attention to the matter when installing blown film machine.
Film Blowing Machine installation should pay attention to adjust the extruder head centerline and traction roller center to maintain horizontal and vertical, not deviate from the skew. When the winding diameter is increasing, please note that the speed of the traction and the winding speed should be adjusted in time. After the host is turned on, pay close attention to the operation of the host, timely adjustment, correction, electrical instruments, the controller to ensure its normal operation. The main gear box, traction gearbox should always refuel, replace the gear oil, the new machine in the use of 10 days or so to replace the new gear oil to ensure that the rotating parts of the normal operation, pay attention to refueling to prevent jamming and overheating damage, The connection part of the tightening situation, to prevent loosening loose. The compressed air in the tubing should be kept in an adequate amount because the compressed air leaks out during the traction process.

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1,Film Blowing Machine without heating, heating temperature and time less than the required requirements, shall not start the extruder and rotary die, otherwise it will damage the equipment.
2, In the raw materials to check whether there is a wet material, wet material shall not be spices, must be dried by the drying room before use.
3, Die and die cleaning can only use copper to clean up the die, not with a blade, iron scraping die, or it will cause damage to the die.
4, Blown film guide roller, including rubber roller and take-up roller, shall not be used to cut the blade, otherwise it will cause the guide roller scratches.
5, The extruder filter and corona processor must be regularly replaced by filtration and cleaning, the general requirements in 24 hours to 48 hours must be replaced filter and alcohol cleaning corona processor silicone roller. Filter specifications: for the two 80-mesh, a layer of 100 mesh three-tier filter.
6, Corona treatment machine guide roller does not move the film should not open the corona processor, once the film breakage or shutdown, should be turned off the corona processor, to avoid corona processor burned.
7, No corona treatment or corona treatment does not reach 38 or above the film must not be placed in the finished product, otherwise it will cause a complex mass of the accident.

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