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Small Film Blowing Machine Market Prospects

The development in the domestic packaging industry has several decades of history, from the simplest machine to machine the most useful innovation, combined with past experience, small film blowing machine is constantly improved, the packaging industry experienced a lot of hardships and glory.
With the requirements of the paper industry is becoming more and more strict, the new indicators of environmental protection and energy saving to improve the threshold of paper making paper, resulting in the expansion of paper packaging costs, price increases. This promotes the development of machine industry small film, made of plastic packaging in the market share of the corresponding increase. According to statistics, the global flexible packaging market will keep the continuous growth in the range of 3.5% years in the next period of time, expects the global flexible packaging industry consumption in 2018 will increase to 29 million 800 thousand tons.
However, the scope of application of small film blowing machine is mainly according to the different material and set, such as PP small film blowing machine output film is suitable for all kinds of shopping bags, bags and other bacteria on the tensile and hardness of high brightness and other requirements of the bag, and high PE film blowing machine blown film suitable for all kinds of plastic bag and feed back film suitable for garbage bags and so on, small film blowing machine is widely used in various industries.
Global flexible packaging market continues to expand the development of “small film blowing machine good money scene

Small Film Blowing Machinefilm blowing machine
Plastic food packaging plays an increasingly important role in ensuring food safety, people also put forward higher requirements for packaging products. In addition to the widely used in food packaging, plastic packaging has further to industrial packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetics packaging, packaging materials and other areas of development, its application scope and increasingly broad prospects. When the flexible packaging of food packaging materials gradually become the protagonist, and the small film blowing machine is the most important one of the machinery and equipment industry, the quality of small film blowing machine and film quality technology determines the film forming.

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