The Defrost ep is out now!

by admin

Here you are a new two-track effort featuring Willie Burns and Young Marco. The original material is taken from super hot Italian electronic duo Tempelhof and their stunning latest album, Frozen Dancers, which released on Hell Yeah back in late 2013 and garnered plenty of praise from press and punters alike. First up is Amsterdam’s Young Marco, who has made a name for himself with his subtly layered, slowly unfolding tracks on labels like Rush Hour and ESP Institute (where he will be releasing a full length soon and maintains an essential role in the label). True to form this sensationally emotive remix of Drake is a lush, melodically rich affair right from the off. Gurgling bass synths bubble underneath as spritely house percussions skips up top. Celestial pads add a heavenly back glow and the whole thing is perfectly epic. Next up is Willie Burns, aka William Burnett, the New York based W.T Records label boss and someone who has already released on Unknown to the Unknown, LIES and The Trilogy Tapes in 2014 alone. He tackles Nothing On The Horizon and turns it into a prickly, lo-fi house jam with plenty of echo, urgent vocal cries and a muggy sense of humid atmosphere. It builds to an ever more intense peak and really begins to bang in the second half. Both tracks here have been perfectly repurposed for knowing dancefloors and prove Hell Yeah Recordings know exactly where to go for the best results.
Once again art by His Abusive Kindness aka Andrea Amaducci.